[Trailblazer] $1.99  With this rank you can show off your support of the server and purchase some cool perks!

 *Unique color shift trailblazer prefix

*Premium daily reward login bonuses

*Access to seed kit usable every week

[VIP] $9.99  With this rank you can show off your support of the server in style! gain access to paid premium rank features.

 */disco armor to equip color changing leather armor 

*/nickname to choose a custom name for the server along with any color combination you wish!

*/playerwarp to set a custom warp for the server that you can charge for! charge for traffic to popular areas! (1)

[Vampire] $14.99  Descend into the night and gain supernatural power, and weaknesses this rank offers a unique playstyle mortals fear.

 *Gain access to /kit vampire which includes vampire armor, a spider spawn egg and a vampire guide book

* Supernatural strength vampires deal increased damage in combat

*Undead mobs consider you neutral and will not attack such as Zombie, Skeletons, Drowned, and even spiders tolerate vampires 

*Avoid the sunlight or it will make you sick and burst into flames, yes as a vampire you will be most active at night and staying shaded during the day

*As a vampire that requires no oxygen you may stay underwater as long as you like and never drown

[Expert Survivalist] $34.99 Our go-to package designed for our dedicated players, this rank comes with a few more features than vip.

*2 kits designed to aid your survival needs

*10 percent increase in xp for all mcmmo skills

*/kit donator food (24hr)  cooldown    /kit donator (3d) cooldown

*/hat place any block you want on your head slot to wear as a hat

*Access to the revered and legendary tp bow simply use /tpbow with an empty first inv slot and you can shoot arrows to teleport to anywhere they land instantly with no cooldown!

*Ability to claim up to 3 homes that you may freely teleport between!

*Access to area for high tier ranks only! /warp rank

[Ancient Vampire Upgrade] $29.99 Become an alpha vampire and own the night, No longer burn in the sun, and regeneration ensure you're one tough undead cookie.

*1 kit designed to help you in your vampiric efforts /kit ancient vampire (1w) cooldown

*Never burn in the sun again 

*Convert one willing player on the server to a vampire free of charge

*Gain Jump 3, Regeneration 3, and Speed 2

[Mythical Rank] $79.99 Our mythical package for our highly dedicated players or just want to jump ahead and have some fun, this rank comes with a few more features than expert survivalist.

*/erepair to instantly repair weapons and armor at no cost

*Access to 4 homes instead of 3 

*/enderchest to have access to an ender-chest anywhere in survival 

*Mcmmo 25 percent boost to mining skill 

[Legendary] $119.99 This is our most premium package designed to be the final and highest tier of rank, thank you so much for choosing to support the server and become legendary.

*Legendary kit containing Legendary Armor and Netherite and more! 

*/back to instantly return to where you last died 

*/feed to instantly fill your hunger or anyone else's on the server 

*Access to 8 Homes 

*150% MCMMO Boost to Axes, Swords, Archery, Unarmed and Alchemy 

*25% MCMMO Boost to all other skills