A fair and free Survival, Mcmmo, Towny, Minigames sever

                  connect with:     easysurvive.net

Beautiful Hand-built spawn to serve as a central hub for all your survival-economy needs!

Move into towns or found them yourself and be mayor! 

Relax with some fishing in a Swear free, Hacker free SMP with no shady links and staff who love Minecraft!



Custom quests add unique and fun gameplay to survival Minecraft

easysurvive.net is a Survival SMP Server. With plugins to enhance the base game experience we offer a timeless inutitive experience for new and old Minecraft Players alike. Fully Cross-Platform bedrock support port 25565

Various ranks to show support for the server and gain additional perks! (Legendary Rank)

Currently we offer various Ranks along side taking donations here, our goal is to create an immersive simple Survival Minecraft server with all the best plugins that we all loved. With Towny, Mcmmo and much more! If you play the server and enjoy it consider donating, any amount means the world to me and my staff.